Journey of Onions

Week 6

Let’s make a prototype 02

Instead of spinning around the circle talking about possible ideas, we wanted to break down our fantasy statement and develop prototypes that shows the game mechanics of each game verb. 

We will continuously iterate on our fantasy statement.

What if we can make a huge moving castle that attacks?

What if we can build a huge moving thing that attacks

What if we can enhance a huge moving fortress that attacks?

There are three huge game verbs in our fantasy statement.

  1. Make
  2. Moving
  3. Attack

We are creating prototypes based on these verbs to explore our core mechanism. There are so many questions to ask such as

  • Is the player building multiple building like a city or a building?
  • As a player, are you inside the building or are you the building?
  • If it moves, is it walking, flying, or swimming?
  • Our initial game object was a castle. But we changed into a thing, because we want them to build something. If so, what are you going to make at the end?
  • If the thing attacks, what kind of attack can it perform?
  • Why do you need a castle to live in?

Most importantly, our question was What question should we tackle first? 

Our answer to this was: Build a prototype that we can imagine.

We analyzed our demographic to guide our decision.

Journey of Design Department

This is our first prototype design that we are aiming for. This prototype focuses more Building. Unique aspect we are putting into this prototype is 1st person customization because most of the games use UI to customize; they rarely have 1st person customization page.

Exploration with Lego

This is a prototype using Lego to explore the feeling of building and customizing a fortress.


The original core part. The Player will start with this core part


The player adds an additional part. As the player does this, more interfaces opens


There are several components that player can add on to. This unlocks as the player builds on it.


One Possible combination of components. The player can replace them with some other components, but there will be a constraint to limit the combination.


Some components may unlock a special move for the fortress. For example, flying to reach some high places.

Mechanics Prototype 02 – Building the Huge Fortress

After exploring how the building and adding components might work, we developed a prototype to show how to build in a first person perspective

The player can take the stairs to go up and customize their own fortress.

The player will grab one of the components from the wall and put it on the designated part of the fortress.

One of the feedback after the first prototype is the sense of scale is gone. So, we scaled up our fortress placeholder to make it like a huge fortress rather than a vehicle.

Click to download prototype 02

Through this prototype our team narrowed down what aspect we loved.

  • Customizing in a first person perspective is really unique
  • The biggest downfall is since we are using an asset from the Unity asset store, it felt like it is a fully polished game. It distracts what we are going to prove

Journey of Art Department

Art department is exploring various images to create a single mood board that serves as a art bible.

Click to see the art style slide

Click to see the mood board reference slide


Excerpts of Art Exploration

These are some reference / exploration images that we used to arrive at the mood board we are aiming for