Journey of Onions

Week 11

Next Goal? Playtest Day!

Entertainment Technology Center will invite multiple guests on April 6th (Saturday of Week 12). This is the first time we are presenting our pre-production prototypes to the public. So, we want to make sure we want to fulfill following categories for the playtest day:

  • Prototype is playable
  • Prototype can answer questions that we want to find out
  • Any questions comes out from this prototype?

Getting Geady For the Playtest Day

We are gradually developing our prototype to create our minimum viable product. We already have a basic system for the resource management using food, metal, and gasoline. Now it is time to generate maps (level design) of the game.

Level design of the game
Basic Layout of the Map

Fortress Rig

Rig of the Fortress to Walk on Any Terrain

Art Team – Exterior Design

Blueprint Sheet for the Fortress Exterior
Blueprint Sheet for Components Design
Fortress Placeholder
Fortress Placeholder

Art Team – Environment Design

Rough Sketches of the Environment

Art Team – Character References

Our previous Character concept art was too realistic. We decided make it more stylized rather than going realistic due to scope.

Art Team – Indoor References

To finalize the indoor concept art, we researched for references that resembles our final rendering