Week 6

This week we were preparing for our halves presentation, and we kept working on refine our 3D animatic, which will be shown during the presentation.

We also worked our schedule to make sure we could finish the project on time.

Our team photo:

Lessons learned from faculty meeting

  • Want one scene completely done by ½
  • Make plan after 1/2, show it during ½
  • Cloth sim:Shader & overall art style
  • 3D animatic: blown out, so dark, don’t know where eyes should go; Can have them to one side of the sun when they become friends


  1. AJ:

2. Chelsea:

  • Change boat bottom shape
  • Learning Houdini Vellum for cloth sim

3. Keran:

  • Worked on ½ presentation slides
  • Worked on pre-production package slides

4. Rosy:

  • Music rough cut
  • Slide(background, part of the content)
  • Character texture
  • Finding references for VFX (fog, bird) and zither playing
  • Help with vfx

5. Ruchii:

  • Started animating Boya for halves.

6. Isaac: