Week 7

This week we were working on finishing our 1/2 presentation slides and the 3D animatic. We also did some experiment on cloth simulation with Houdini and blendshape facial rig in Maya.

Boya Blendshapes:

Lessons learned from faculty meeting

  1. think about contrast & lighting
  2. Fix problems in the storyboard, don’t repeat the issues
  3. add shot name and time stamp to the animatic
  4. think of how the sound work with the camera movement & shots


  1. AJ:

2. Chelsea:

  • ½ presentation prepare
  • Merge Character animation in Houdini to save time for animators
  • Houdini Vellum cloth sim learning

3. Keran:

  • Kept work on animating ziqi  for ½
  • Prepared for ½ presentation

4. Rosy:

5. Ruchii:

  • Kept working on Boya Animations 
  • Preparation for half presentation for explaining the art section
  • Boya Blendshapes

6. Isaac:

  • Completed Imaginary shots for half
  • Prepared for half presentation