Week 5 Feb 11th – Feb 15th

This week was spent developing a new iteration of our concept. We fleshed out the basic flow and structure of a guest through our experience, from on to off boarding and pitched the new concept to our client, who green-lighted the idea. There was a definite sense of purpose and direction in the team’s work this week… and what little frustrations that had built over our creative block have since dissipated.

Let’s take a moment to review the new setup and structure:


Three Projector CAVE like space: front, left, and right

HTC Vive for controller tracking (No HMD)

Volumetric Camera for depth capture of guest


Check out some of the early drafts of our experience:

From a production standpoint, this week represents a transition from a concept phase into pre-production— meaning that we have locked on the new basic setup and  structure of our experience.