STATTMEDIA Game Contest – 3rd place!

Our game R-evolution placed 3rd at the STATTMEDIA Game Contest! We mocked this up for a laugh:

Competition laurels are possibly one of the lamest forms of self-aggrandizement

As we mentioned before, R-evolution was a finalist in the 5 BUTTONS Competition being run by Experimental Gameplay Project. Because of that, we had the awesome opportunity to be displayed at the Stattbad Wedding gallery in Berlin for people to come play our game among all of the other finalists.

As reported to us by one of the organizers, R-evolution was played in three sessions during the night. R-evolution isn’t the most, uh, friendly of games, so the first and second times it was played the players couldn’t get to the end. 🙁 But, a daring group of friends wanted to try it out, and as the third time was the charm, they finished it to “an  amazing roaring clapping and yelling from the public.” So awesome!

We’d like to thank all of the organizers as well as congratulate everyone else who were shown or entered – it’s incredibly thrilling to have independent games exposed to the public-at-large – shows like the STATTMEDIA event, NYU Game Center’s No Quarter, and venues like Babycastles go a long way in showing people the wide range of non-commercial and non-industry games out there, and us here at mindful xp are super happy that we could be a part of it.

We should have some pictures from the event posted shortly, and also releasing R-evolution on the site, so stay tuned!


What a Quirky Post-itÂŽ Note Mural!

Here at mindful xp we try and nurture the creative energies of our development teams as much as possible! They’re free to decorate their OpenCreativeGroupClusterSpaces™ however they want, because we want YOU, the best and brightest minds in the industry today to let loose the dogs of innovation, vision and energy that will be at the forefront of tomorrow’s games!

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Spielen Sie unsere Game in Berlin!

“Play our game in Berlin!”

Or is that “im Berlin”? Is using imperative mood right in this context? German class was too long ago!

Our game R-evolution, made for the 5 BUTTONS Compo at Experimental Gameplay Project, was chosen as a finalist! That means that R-evolution will be playable in the STATTBAD Wedding gallery (inside a drained 19th century swimming pool?!) in Berlin as part of a public showing on February 17th, along with other awesome games submitted to the compo.

If you’re in the Berlin area next week, go and have fun at what looks to be a killer night of games and live music, and support indie games!


Hi everyone

Hi everyone, this is Dan Lin, the lead artist for mindful xp. This includes the graphic design (though Mike is some of that), 2-D art, 3-D art, etc. Each week I’ll try and post some process art and maybe some random comics about the project.

Here’s a comic about our brainstorming for our upcoming game this week.

How Brainstorming Went.