Week 7 News Letter

On Friday, we had a grand playtest for 3 prototypes, and we invite more than 10 people to try out our games. For each tester, we gathered pre-playtest and post-playtest feedbacks from them. Among all 3 prototypes, Dancica and Mosica received mostly positive feedback, Icica is on the other hand confused most of the testers. But playtesters all enjoy the experience during playing.


Through this playtest, we also found some more technical issues that need to be solved. One of them is the lagging on Oculus Rift’s vertical tilting. We’ve tired out some solutions, including putting the wire into a backpack, but haven’t found the best solution to fix the problem yet. Other than that, our system works well, and we’ve also got some idea about the final big game.


For the half presentation, we’ve set up our draft presentation on drive, and the final version of the presentation itself will be done by Mar. 10th. Next week, 4 members in our team will head to GDC, and the following week of next week will be spring break. So we will get everything ready during spring break, and by Mar 15th, our team will have practiced the ½ presentation for more than once.