Week 1

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THIS WEEK (1/14/13 – 1/18/13)

Our first week on our new project consisted of several meetings, both with our advisors, and with just our team. Additionally, we met with the Philosophy class to discuss some general issues involving inequality in America. All of these meetings had the same undertone of our team getting our footing and trying to determine which direction our project will be heading in. Our team has established some preliminary roles, such as producers, programmer, artist, website management, and film. We fully anticipate more roles developing and being assigned as time roles on and the direction of our project becomes more clearly defined. The Philosophy group is a large group, but seems to be well focused and motivated on the subject of inequality. They presented to us some of their preliminary research findings, and asked us to come up with some media types by week 5. We fully anticipate on pushing this deadline up by several weeks and agreed as a group that we need to be on track well before then. We contacted the Philosophy professor, Professor Norman, and arranged to have the Philosophy team come up with which issues they want to concentrate on and which direction they want to move in by week 3. Our first week seems to be on track as to where we expected to be. Next week will consist of more meetings with our advisors, the Philosophy class, and our team to determine general directions of the project for both reference and implementation. We will then prototype several of these concepts and plan out what will be needed for filming purposes. We will also continue to theme the office and meet for any additional ideas.

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