Week 2

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THIS WEEK (1/21/13 – 1/25/13)


We have been able to assign roles to the members of our team based on their skills and experience:

  • Co-producers – Jim/Cashman
  • Programmer – Christian
  • Editor – Bjorn/Cashman
  • Filming – Cashman
  • Sound Design – Yue
  • Game Design – Jim
  • Writer – Bjorn
  • Concept Art – Ruokan/Yue
  • Logo & Branding – Ruokan
  • Web Design (internal) – Christian
  • Web Design (final deliverable) – Jim


We have been going through several iterations for the project logo and style.  Each proposed design has been centered around the theme of economic inequality in America while displaying the concept in a simple and effective manner.


While our client conducts the bulk of the research into the matter of inequality, we have delved into the subject matter ourselves and unearthed some ideas and topics that can be implemented in interesting and intriguing ways.


We have set up an online spreadsheet that serves as a repository for all of our ideas for the project.  Right now, we several concepts that we are excited about that we can use for the story and gameplay for the project.

NEXT WEEK (1/28/13 – 2/1/13)

We will be receiving our central topic for the project at the end of next week, so we will eagerly continue to produce several ideas to prepare for it.  Also, we will have our logo, half sheet, and poster sorted out and ready for production by the end of the week.  Our description and website will be up and running around the same time.

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