neuraltone is working with Dr. Lori Holt of the Center for Neural Basis of Cognition, a joint venture of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Holt is conducting research about how the brain categorizes complex audio patterns and how that process relates to perceiving linguistic sound categories. They have found that a simple video game, developed in-house, can be used to train players to better recognize different sound categories is far more effective than traditional explicit feedback-based training.

This semester we are creating a new game with which to conduct this training research. Our goals are to make a game that is highly engaging and fun, while retaining the effect of implicit sound categorization learning that occurred in the original game. It will also be highly customizable, allowing the researchers greater control over such elements as difficulty, timings, and art. Additionally, our game will output extensive, in-depth data about the play session for each research subject that plays it.