Newsletter 5

Newsletter 5


Quarters week! WE spend the week preparing to show off our project to faculty on Friday. We polished out prototypes up some and ran a playtest on Monday. This generated some good feedback and questions for our Friday showing.

We learned that no one picked out the sounds as being important; our playtesters thought they were simply an enemy indicator and didn’t represent anything else. Here is some specific feedback:

Deep Sea Diver

  • It’s disorienting without reference points.
  • It’s hard to locate the monsters in the water
  • Controls weren’t obvious

Side Scroller

  • The sounds were almost too explicit
  • It got too hard too quickly
  • We need the controls to be very clear

Radial Shooter

  • Fun! But too easy.
  • There was a strategy of moving the mouse to center, which is actually good.
  • People seemed to like this one the best.


Good info to know! We also got useful information from the faculty during our Quarter’s showing. All of this info will be instrumental in leading us to a final game decision on Monday.

That’s about it for this week. Next  week, look forward to some plugging away on a specific game!