Newsletter 15


Here at neuraltone, we’re approaching the end. We gave our final presentation on Monday, and we feel we did a good job explaining ourselves and our project. Now, we look to delivery and the end of the semester. This week we’ve tested every aspect of the customization tool, fixed some final bugs that cropped up, and finalized training documentation. We’re planning to deliver our final package to the client on Friday, and then we’ll be done!

We’re pleased with the way this semester turned out. Dr. Holt and her team have been very supportive and helpful to the development process, and we believe we have delivered to them a quality product that will be useful to their research.

Additionally, Mike Christel has been kind enough to write up a paper detailing the project and entering it into the IEEE International Games Innovation Conference, with all members of the team listed as co-authors. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity for this project to have some external recognition, and we hope it helps pave the way for future projects of a similar nature.

Working with this team has been an absolute blast, and we wish the best of luck to Dr. Holt and her team as they explore new areas of research using our game and tool.

As always, thanks for following!

neuraltone out!