Newsletter 7


This week was heavy on the development side of things. Evan and Lei worked hard together on putting together the basic game code; Evan devel-oped a solid framework for the game, and Lei pro-vided the basic gameplay code. We unfortunately did not conduct an external playtest as the game was not ready for it, but we are planning a real play-test on the coming Monday.
Jingyi has been making great progress on laying out the customization tool using Visual Studio and WinForms. The tool closely resembles the con-cept art we had exhibited in the past, and Rod has been providing support as to how the tool and the file format interact.
This coming week is very important to us; we will be talking with Dr. Holt on Monday, and handing off a working version of our game for testing. We think we have addressed concerns about how explicit the audio learning is with our current design, but we can’t confirm that without proper research testing. The results of this testing answers a very important question; do we continue with this game, or do we shift gears back to the Deep Sea game?
Finally, we’ve been handling our lack of an “artist” very well; Erica’s work with nebula and galax-ies is both simple and elegant, and Rod’s shader work is beautiful and clean. The space theme is really working for us!
Tune in next week to see how we’re preparing for halves!