Newsletter 4

Newsletter 4


This week, we returned to Dr. Holt and her team to present our prototypes live. They were very well received and we got a lot of good feedback to help direct our team in choosing which direction to take this project. We also talked in depth about the data that our game should collect, as well as what variables of the game should be exposed to researchers for modification.

Next week is quarters, and we are hard at work making sure our prototypes are pretty and playable. We hope to get some help focusing down our goals for the semester, as well as helping pick which game would be most feasible for this project.

We’re planning on holding a focus group playtest on Monday to get some user feedback on each of the prototypes, and we think this will help guide our discussion when quarters rolls around.

We also settled on Erica’s design for our team logo and posters. Jingyi has updated our website to reflect the new branding, so we’re pretty much ready for presentation to the world! On Monday, we will post our current prototypes in a Unity WebPlayer so visitors can see what we’ve been building.


We’re happy with our progress so far and we’re very excited about where this semester will take us!