Newsletter 13


This week, we focused on preparations for Softs, in which ETC faculty do walk-arounds and review our work for the semester. Lots of time has been spent polishing the experience, making use of new art assets, and developing the customization tool.

Evan got the basics of universe creation working; we build preset “scenes” of planets and nebulae that are later pseudo-randomly arranged into new areas. This creates a nice effect of progress, as each level causes the world around to change.

Jingyi finished up the UI for an interactive tutorial. Now, instead of a wall of text explaining the game, the basics are communicated through only a couple of pop-ups during game play. This transition is much smoother, and far more user friendly.

For soft opening on Monday, we will be showing off our new game as well as the customization tool. Following that, final polish and bug fixing begins in earnest as we approach the end of the semester, and final delivery of the product.