Next AR is a project exploring NEW social interactions based on AR technology

“We build an AR experience for the future!”

Social Interactions

AR Experience

Multi-Player Game

Next-AR is a Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center Silicon Valley (CMU ETC-SV) student project that is creating a multi-player social augmented reality(AR) experience for players who are not necessarily in the same physical space.

Since AR technology has been widely used in many fields mostly as a single-player experience in recent years, our team decided to explore more especially in whether the technology can be used to establish social connections and enhance relationships between players. We use various gesture interactions combining with shared virtual space forms to achieve an intuitive and innovative social AR experience.

Meet our team

Jamie Jongmi Bae

Boyi Liu

Lai Wei

Zhisheng (Max) Xu

Ding (Isaac) Zhang

Advisors & Clients

Carl Rosendahl

Melanie Lam


Week 1
Week 2

Week 1

Getting to know us
  1. Kick-off meeting with Carl and Melanie
  2. First faculty meeting, we make our goal clear: Create a multi-player AR experience for two players who are not necessarily in the same physical space. We are suggested to brainstorm more and do tons of prototypes. After that, we can decide on the most fun and engaging one then dive into it!
  3. We tried several existing projects and started brainstorming

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Week 2



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