Team: Objection

As we start the new semester, we have several requirements that have to be met for our requirements. First and foremost is branding. Every team needs to come up with a name, logo, poster, team picture, and room theming. Here’s a look at some of what our team has been doing for our project.

This is the front of our team’s half-sheet. The back has a short description of our project and is mainly used as a handout when people stop by the ETC to give a brief overview of our project.

Below is our poster, similar to the half-sheet in design. Team posters are printed off and hung up in the ETC during the semester. Teams also get a poster for their rooms.

This is a couple of items we got for theming our room. Since we’re working on a project that involves continuing legal education, we felt it appropriate to show both the legal and the education aspects through our theme.

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