Last week was our quarters presentations to faculty. Our week was spent preparing and practicing our presentation on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was spent presenting to faculty and getting feedback and ideas about our project. Thursday and Friday we went through the feedback we got back, and had sitdown meetings with a couple faculty where they came to our room and went more in-depth about our project and asked some deeper questions about what we are making.

Over the course of the week, we received some great input from faculty on our project. A few ideas included:

– Playtesting with facilitators (the instructors of the continuing education courses)
– Think about ways to hit the instructor’s objectives with teaching the course
– Make sure to have closed captions, or a way for people to follow the dialogue
– What are the reasons to make this and not just read through the scenarios
– If everyone is split on the scenario, how can we use that for generating good discussion
– Consider the emotional impact of animation and how that fits into our scenarios
– Watch our for the “Uncanny Valley”
– Connect to the CMU diversity training group
– Roleplay scenarios with the team
– Is the audience happy, sad, angry, etc

We spent the next couple days starting the process of getting work started on the first scenario. Since we needed to talk with our client about a few questions, we just started on some of the major problems we needed to tackle before moving into full production. On Monday we had a call with our client and were able to nail down a few pieces of information that helps to set us on the right track for the next couple weeks.

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