Weeks 15 and 16 (12/3 to 12/16): Final playthrough and wrapping up!

With the museum up and running, we worked on documents and instructions to hand off the class. These included a map of all the light switches and power sources in the space, instructions on how to set up, maintain and power down the Misty Window and Typewriter, as well as directions for running the soundscape and maintaining the speakers. With that ready, we proceeded to work on our slide deck for final presentation through the week.

The fall festival was on Wednesday and we set up a pedestal with a few objects and some visuals of the museum including a slideshow of pictures of the museum and the objects, video and 360 footage of opening day. A large number of guests visited the room and we explained our progress through the semester as they read through the museum’s book of stories.

Final playthrough was in the following week after finals, however, we invited the faculty to see the museum on Thursday and Friday. They went through the experience and gave us a lot of valuable feedback.

The team is very excited and equally relieved at the end of the semester. We feel that the project was a success and have had a wonderful time working on it. This is Project Ex signing off!