Week 5 Start from something small

After summarizing Quarter’s feedback, our team decided to eliminate some ideas and focused on 2 approaches. One approach is that we start building a prototype from the demo that we built with the ball and the platform. The other approach is that we pick one idea from what we presented during Quarters, which is a puzzle game, and start from something very small.

Let me introduce our three ideas first.

First idea; Frog & Hippo

The first pitch idea is an extension based on our previous platform VS ball prototype. This is the first approach, which is starting from something feasible.

Second idea: puzzle coop game

This is our second idea, synchronized puzzle game. This is inspired by the previous ETC project, Way. This is our second approach, starting from the design perspective of the game.

Third Idea: Stealth Puzzle Game

Lastly, our third idea was from the recently released game called “Untitled Goose Game”. The player is the goose, who messes around with everyone in the small town. We think this game is so much fun and we try to imitate the human’s behavior and improves the NPC in this game. So far, we could only think of the chasing behavior that could be applicable to the technology of Reinforcement Learning. We will leave this idea for our 2nd half of the semester.

Additionally, this week, we talked to a bunch of people. We got valuable feedback from our Client, Erin, Marc, as well as the ML engineer from Google, Ryan. We also got a chance to schedule a meeting with Jesse Schell. He provided us a lot of good inspirations, including ICO and the Way. We also talked to J.D. Hayes, the machine learning engineer from EA. We asked about the feasibility of our two ideas and he mentioned that it is feasible to switch brains within the game. For the puzzle game, we could break down the game into different steps and changed agents throughout the game, which imitates the behavior of real-time training.

From now on, we will focus on the first two ideas for the half presentation and see how it goes or whether it will work or not.

Lastly, here are some highlights in week 5:

Zoe talked about her experience design for the Hippo game
Experience Design for the Hippo game
Meeting with J.D. Hayes, the machine learning engineer at EA