Week 14 Last bit of polishing

This week due to Thanksgiving holiday is a short week for the team. We seized the time to polish the game with the advise of our clients and faculty. The main two things we were tweaking is 1) State change is unclear for the player 2) Could we add some emotion to the hippos when they are running away or when they help each other.

For the first one, We slightly refined the word to make it clear that the state change is due to the limited resources in the water. We also decided to change the hippos color according to the text space color when there is a stage change happening to emphasize on this.

For the second issue, we decided to implement emoji next to hippo and this idea is from the chicken demo that we had before. We think that using visual aids or emoji could really help with expressing the emotion in a easy and direct way. We have 5 kinds of emotion for the hippo when they encounter different scenarios. We calculate the distance between crocodile and hippo and if the hippo is too close to the crocodile, they will have a warning emoji. With this implementation, now the player’s observation should be more fun.

Polishing the game with clear state change and emoji

Next week, we are focusing on the documentation of the design and archives for the project so that we are ready to handoff to our client. At the same time we will prepare for final presentation in week 16. Wish us luck!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!