Week 15 Ready for Final

This is the last week before our final presentation. We have our last client meeting on Thursday. In order to prepare for the last-minute change before handing it off to our clients, we have made several modifications in-game.

Firstly, we have improved our tutorial session at the beginning of the adventure mode as below:

Game Tutorial

Now it is easier for the player to understand the User Interface once the game starts.

We also have fixed a few bugs in two different game modes. After we finished our PC version, we started to convert the Windows build to Android build, as well as iOS build.

Finally, we have our mobile game version with the logo below.

Mobile game logo

Finally, when the production phase is done, we begin to wrap up what we have learned and complete the documentation on a GitHub page. Please feel free to look it up at https://zhiyuoe.github.io/shadowagent/

Now it is time for us to prepare our final presentation. In the next blog, we will give you a complete conclusion with a detailed list of deliverables that we hand off to our clients.