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Newsletter 15

  Here at neuraltone, we’re approaching the end. We gave our final presentation on Monday, and we feel we did a good job explaining ourselves and our project. Now, we look to delivery and the end of the semester. This

Newsletter 14

  This week we presented neuraltone to our faculty at “Soft opening”, essentially our beta release. We received a lot of valuable feedback, including some words about speed and feedback that we then quickly implemented. Faculty were also pleased with

Newsletter 13

  This week, we focused on preparations for Softs, in which ETC faculty do walk-arounds and review our work for the semester. Lots of time has been spent polishing the experience, making use of new art assets, and developing the

Newsletter 11

  GDC Week is over, and the team has been hard at work finishing up the game in preparation for softs. Work on the customization tool has begun in earnest, and we’ve received another set of data from Dr. Holt’s

Newsletter 10

  Welcome back to  neuraltone! These last couple of weeks have been a little different, as we split our time between spring break and Halves preparation. Major advances were made on the game itself: we designed a new turret graphic,

Newsletter 7

  This week was heavy on the development side of things. Evan and Lei worked hard together on putting together the basic game code; Evan devel-oped a solid framework for the game, and Lei pro-vided the basic gameplay code. We

Newsletter 6

  Week 6 was important to neuraltone, as we made a major decision and chose to expand upon the Radial Shooter as our game for the semester. This choice was informed by feedback we got from quarters, as well as

Newsletter 5

  Quarters week! WE spend the week preparing to show off our project to faculty on Friday. We polished out prototypes up some and ran a playtest on Monday. This generated some good feedback and questions for our Friday showing.

Newsletter 4

  This week, we returned to Dr. Holt and her team to present our prototypes live. They were very well received and we got a lot of good feedback to help direct our team in choosing which direction to take

Newsletter 3

We had a productive week here at neuraltone. After last week’s meeting with Dr. Holt and her team, we had settled on 3 ideas to prototype. The 2D Side Scrolling Dodger, the Radial Shooter, and Deep Sea Diver. Rod, Evan,