A Long Respected Partnership

 PhotoFunia-1462479292PhotoFunia-1462479321This project is one in a long list as a result of the ETC's long lasting partnership and client, the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

Additionally, most if not all of the ETC's projects for this unique museum were for the MAKESHOP; a makerspace exhibit located within the building.

So what makes our project stand out from all the rest?

The ETC has recently begun its journey into Research & Discovery projects.

This isn't the first time the ETC has formed projects to do research. It's just that those done in the past have all produced a deliverable one could play with as a result of all the work the students have done. Research & Discovery projects however normally wouldn't produce anything more than a research paper and that's very different than what we're all used to. Rebecca Grabman, our client and MAKESHOP manager, felt that this form of research would be beneficial to the space as the areas she believes the makerspace needs to expand into next can only be reached via this path.

As such, Aristeia hopes to help the MAKESHOP grow as a space in the ways it needs to and prove that students from the ETC can indeed do this type of work.



Past Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Projects