For this project, there were a number of people involved split into three different groups.

FinalLogo2The student team was selected from students interested in exploring museum spaces. Their interests ranged from doing research, to designing exhibits,  to prototyping interactive installations. Because this was a research & discovery project, Aristeia was unique among the student groups this semester because there was no programmer. This research focused project is a first for most of the team.


ETC-Logo-SmallThe ETC faculty members selected to be the project heads were involved in past ETC and Children’s Museum projects before. Their experience with both the themed entertainment industry and this long time ETC client makes them a valuable asset in determining how to best work with our resources and within the museum space itself. Further ETC faculty were brought on as advisors for specific tasks related due to their expertise on the subject.


logo-c198d435914e4c6489961a9cca9072b1The museum faculty that were involved with this project was comprised of our client, MAKESHOP Teaching Artists, and two learning scientists that were brought on to guide us with our research. Our client is very familiar with the ETC (being a graduate of the program herself) and both the learning scientists were curious as to see what findings Aristeia could deliver. The Teaching Artists furthermore would serve as a valuable source of information for the project as due to the nature of their jobs, they see firsthand what occurs in the makerspace.