“Always Be Recording” – The Lego Batman Movie

Documenting the team’s journey throughout this project was a joint effort with each member of Aristeia assuming a different role.

DSCN0057The task of writing the blog was taken up by Toney Fusco and later, Aly Soto. Both have had experience in writing; Tony with his background in literature and Aly with her’s in writing for her undergrad university’s newspaper. Blogging was a new experience for the both of them; each aiming to create a detailed yet still enjoyable enough read of Aristeia’s work throughout the 2016 spring semester. Editing was taken up by Kirsten Rispin, making sure that everything from the language used to the details discussed were up to the standards of the ETC and were representations of good quality. She had the final say on every blog post before it went up.

Video WorkThe person behind the camera snapping photos, taking video for the vlog, and editing those materials throughout the semester was team member Aly Soto. She organized, planned, and set up shoots for promos and always had her camera on hand for all those impromptu moments. Aiding her in this process was Ashley Koo who was always ready to take over the camera at a moment’s notice. Tony was set up as the “interviewer” for days when we were shooting film of the faculty. Dave Palumbo, in addition to creating animated info graphics, would occasionally consult on shot set-ups and lighting, while Kirsten used her sound designer skills to set up the sound systems and edit audio.