Quarters Design

New Intro Slide Concepts

Final Slide Design


A Statement from Junghee “Ashley” Koo

When I visualized the Halves and Final presentation slides, I tried to associate MAKESHOP’s true branding image and emotional feelings of it. To me, the MAKESHOP space is a place to let family members grow their imaginations and dream it and make things happen by making activities. Creativity goes beyond by MAKESHOP’s challenge missions and inspirations.

With this association process, I created a painting-like background image and I placed the prop photos I took in the MAKESHOP on top of the background. I used our team’s favorite color which is a pale bluish green for the main color. Based on that color, I varied a few possible colors to make harmonized for secondary, tertiary colors. I have received lots of positive comments about the presentation visualization. It’s not about just slide design, this visualization fully represents MAKESHOP’s culture and their philosophies.