Week 13 – Audio Based Games

The soft opening is coming! Usually, a soft opening or soft launch is the opening of a business for a limited number of people at first in order to test its services and make improvements. As for ETC’s projects, we need to get the final products basically ready for faculty to playtest first. They will […]

Week 12 – Playtesting

We had a large play-testing last Saturday! More than 15 playtesters came to the playtesting session. The age range was quite wide, from 8 years old to 16 years old. We did get a lot of feedback and most of which is extremely useful. On the one hand, we did get much positive feedback. Many […]

Week 11 – Sky Of Echoes

Time really flies! It’s already week 11 and we finally got a working demo of the final deliverable we want. This toy demo is obviously a quite simple one, but it has all the necessary elements of our bigger design. It has a piece of a small story, has all the interactions we need, has […]