Week 16 – Final Week

The final week of the semester! During the final week of the semester, all the project teams at ETC need to present their work to the faculty and the general audience. We have spent several days to prepare for the presentation and we believe that the presentation went really well. At the same time, this […]

Coding with Tap, A Programmer’s Perspective

This article documents some technical challenges we faced during the semester, and how did we solve them. It can also serve as a beginner’s guide for coding with the Tap device. Tap + Unity Tap provides open-source SDKs for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Unity. You can find them here. We chose to […]

Product Doc – Sky of Echoes

Background Sky of Echoes is one of the two audio-based games the team have developed over the second half of the semester. Unlike the other one, Sky of Echoes uses phone screen as the second layer of interaction and information interface. The game is a story-driven, space exploration game that players use Tap to pilot […]

Product Doc – Utapia

Utapia, A CAVE + Tap Experience Do you like magic? Do you envy the power of mother nature? Do you want to change the weather by just snapping a finger? Introducing “Utapia”, a CAVE + Tap experience where you have control of the world. “Utapia” is an emotional experience where the guest inside the CAVE […]

Product Doc – Tap Wubi Input

Background Wubi 86 is the most widely known and used shape-based Input Method for full letter keyboards in Mainland China. In Chinese Wubi input system, all the Chinese characters are classified into 5 sections and each section has 5 blocks. The five sections are the horizontal stroke section(一), vertical stroke section(丨), left-falling stroke section(丿), right-falling […]

Product Doc – Touch + Tap

Background Given that our project is developing with Unity, the API of Tap can only work with Android and IOS system. Most Android and IOS devices are mobile devices which have touch screen as the strong input interface. Touch screen is one of the biggest competitors of TAP because it is so convenient on a […]

Product Doc – Tap Orchestra

Background Players find it very intuitive to tap with different fingers once they have Tap on their hand People want to musical experiences with Tap given the likelihood of playing instruments and tapping with Tap Prototype Purpose Create a multiplayer performance experience Make it visual light Build one that runs smoothly on mobile devices Design […]

Product Doc – Talk Tap Talk

Talk Tap Talk is a prototype made by Team Houdini with Tap device using Unity3D and Tap’s SDK. This Android app augmented tap’s existing typing function by adding audio output to every character the user tapped, which expands the current use of the tap device. Background We discover the problem space when we test the […]

Product Doc – Party Game

Background Party games are games that are played at social gatherings to facilitate interaction and provide entertainment and recreation. Nowadays, there are more and more digital party games on PC and consoles. As a new input device, it is quite natural to think about using Tap as the game controller. Prototype Purpose On the official […]