Week 11 – Sky Of Echoes

Time really flies!

It’s already week 11 and we finally got a working demo of the final deliverable we want. This toy demo is obviously a quite simple one, but it has all the necessary elements of our bigger design. It has a piece of a small story, has all the interactions we need, has different sound elements like the SFX and background music, has all the UI elements that we want to use for the final deliverable.

When the toy teaser is finished, we first played the game internally and then we let our faculty instructors play the game. It is always quite magic that there are some obvious problems of the demo which are so obvious but we just can not find out. It may be because of the fact that we are too familiar with the design, which makes us realize from a different perspective that it is extremely important to have the product playtested.

We are going to have a huge playtesting day on Saturday where there will be more than 10 players coming to our project room and playtest our game. We really need a lot of feedback and here are the things we want to focus on:


  1. First of all, does the player understand what is happening?
  2. Does the player understand the goal of the game?
  3. What is the player’s reaction to the ending?


  1. How long does it take for the player to remember the control?
  2. How long does it take for the player to get used to the control of the game?


  1. Whether the player is comfortable with the audio?
  2. Does the audio give a hint about the context of the story? Is the audio generally aligned with the story?
  3. How would you describe the sound?


  1. To what extent does the player depend on the UI?
  2. How does the player feel about the information amount of the UI? Do they want more or less?
  3. Is UI helping the interaction?
  4. How often does the player need to look at the screen?

Cannot wait to get the feedback from the players! And we will share the detailed feedback and gameplay footage next week.