Week 15 – Open House

For most of the week, we are preparing the slides for the final presentation and on Friday we also had a huge open house event.

So the first thing we did this week is to properly archive all the related works we have done this semester to the common storage of ETC including our code, documentation, and researches. We have got some feedback from the faculty and we will continue working on that. Here I want to say thanks to all the faculty who has spent precious time to go through our archives.

And for the remaining of the week, all of the team focused on the final slides. Our schedule of the final presentation is on next Tuesday and hopefully, we want to get everything ready before the weekend which we actually failed to do and we had to come to the campus on Sunday to do a rehearsal.

Due to the fact that our project is a discovery project and a CMU project at the same time, it is crucial for us to clearly introduce the goal of the project to the faculty. We are not just doing prototyping nor just making two gaming experience. We are here to discover how Tap works in fact. So it is extremely important for us to clearly stated this in the slides.

On Friday, we had a very huge open house event here on the ETC campus. Lots of guests came to the building and played through the games. There were lots of people playing our experiences and we did get tons of feedback. Interestingly, the feedback is in general quite different from what we got from the playtesting at ETC. To some extent, this is expected since all the guests are relatively naive compared to the students here at ETC. But on the other hand, it just made us realized how important it is to do playtesting with different demographics, again.

Anyway, looking forward to the final presentation and wish us good luck!