The final week of the semester!

During the final week of the semester, all the project teams at ETC need to present their work to the faculty and the general audience. We have spent several days to prepare for the presentation and we believe that the presentation went really well.

At the same time, this is also the final week of the CMU. Several team members had their final exams this week. It was a little bit tough for us all but we all managed to nail it! For the remaining time of the week, we worked mostly on the logistic stuff. We polished the documentation a little bit, cleaned the room and got the equipment we checked out returned.

On Friday, we had the last playthrough event at ETC. This is just a faculty playthrough event within the ETC department for the faculty to see if changes have been made according to the feedback we got during the soft opening, which we have modified right after the soft opening.

This semester has been a really wonderful one in which we had the chance to work with the wearable device Tap. As a discovery project, we really enjoy working on it and we had fun. The prototyping and researching within the area are really eye-opening and interesting.

Here we would like to say thank you to our faculty instructors, who have been always there to help us with any problem we have, our client, who kept communicating with us and kept us updated with the newest features of the Tap, and all the people who have helped us, with whose help can we keep iterate our prototypes and products. Without you guys, it is impossible for us to make this far.