Week 6 – More prototypes

The weather is getting warm, again. The week has also been a productive one. We have several demos being developed at the same time, which we are still focused on expanding the width of our exploration. The first one I would like to introduce is a piano playing tutorial app. As we all know, from […]

Week 5 – Playtest and more

We had our first playtesting on Monday this week! For the playtesting this week, we tested all four demos including the rhythm game, the touch screen integration, the Wubi input, and the voice feedback. Generally, people are pretty curious about the Tap device. In fact, none of them has ever used a Tap or similar […]

Week 3 – Prototyping

This week is definitely a cold one! We have got two days that CMU canceled all the classes in Pittsburgh. For the whole week, we mostly have been focusing on the prototyping. Erhan is working on a rhythm game with the TAP input on mobile devices and Yutian is also helping with that. Yutian has […]