Week 14 – Soft Opening

This is the soft opening week.

Our soft opening day was on Monday and we had six sessions in the morning. There were two to three faculty instructors within each group and each session lasted about 20 minutes. We first quickly went through a powerpoint about what the project is about and what we have been doing for the first half of the semester. Then we let the faculty play the two experience we created during the second half of the semester if they wanted to.

Based on the soft feedback about the project, we found that we still have many problems that we need to solve during the remaining days.

First of all, we didn’t clearly tell the faculty about how the prototypes we worked on in the first half have an impact on the second half. We learned many valuable lessons during the first half of the semester and we carefully considered many of them when we are making the two products during the second half of the semester. For example, we have learned that Tap has really high latency and the touchdown event sometimes is not accurate, so we have considered all of these factors for our two products during the second half of the semester. And we will think more about how we utilize the discovery results of the first semester.

On the other hand, there are still some problems with the two experiences we made. For example, some of the UI elements are not clear enough, which caused some confusion for the players. Some of the audio scripts are not local enough and sometimes it feels weird. Since there is not any native English speaker on the team, this is actually something we expected. After the soft opening day, we first polished the two experiences and then let our faculty instructors give our scripts a pass to correct the language we use.

Later this week, we were all working on the project archiving thing. This semester it seems to be earlier a lot than the previous semesters. We first worked on the documentation to document the process about how we worked with Tap so that we hope that we can benefit the future developers. Then, we archived all of the media, all of our Unity projects and all of our documentation.

So there will be only one week before the final presentation and we will probably spend most of the time next week preparing the final presentation slides.

Wish ourselves good luck!