Product Doc – Adventure with Tap

Background Adventure with Tap is a series of text-based adventure experience. As people often tap randomly on desks, we want to make the random taps meaningful. In Adventure with Tap, the story is delivered using audio/sound only and the player can control characters, make decisions and influence the environment by tapping different fingers and combinations. […]

Week 15 – Open House

For most of the week, we are preparing the slides for the final presentation and on Friday we also had a huge open house event. So the first thing we did this week is to properly archive all the related works we have done this semester to the common storage of ETC including our code, […]

Week 14 – Soft Opening

This is the soft opening week. Our soft opening day was on Monday and we had six sessions in the morning. There were two to three faculty instructors within each group and each session lasted about 20 minutes. We first quickly went through a powerpoint about what the project is about and what we have […]