Fall 2018 Team

Current team members include;

Josh Danzig

Technical Director/ Experience Designer

After spending many successful years working as a theatrical lighting designer, Josh comes to the ETC to combine his love and passion for location based themed entertainment with his creative and technical design skills. His goal is to bring stories to life through immersive environments.




Rajat Gupta

Programmer / UI/UX Designer

After completing his undergrad in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai, Rajat has joined the Entertainment Technology Center to follow his love for games and technology and be in an extremely artistic environment. He has a great interest in the intersection of entertainment with new and emerging technology. His goal is to join the Themed Entertainment industry as an Interactions and Experience designer on graduation from the Entertainment Technology Center in the Spring of 2019 and be able to create new forms of immersive and interactive entertainment.



Niharika Jain

3D Artist / Animator

Niharika has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and has experience of 3 years as a UI/UX developer. She has great interest in creating concept art and is here at the Entertainment technology center to make her 2D art come alive in 3D. She has great passion for designing characters and telling stories that take guests in a different world and give them an unforgettable experience. She is hopes to combine her technical and artistic skills gaining expertise in the areas of 3D modelling, motion graphics and animation. She is really excited for Give Kids the World project as she wishes that she can use her skills in creating an experience that will bring lots of joy and happiness for the kids.


Dustin Stephan

Producer / Creative Director

A grant and award-winning producer and director, Dustin enjoys working at the intersection of performance and technology to provide immersive storytelling experiences.

Dustin brings over 25 years of professional entertainment experience including appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, Walt Disney World, contracted industrial work and major network filming.  Videos of his choreography and performances have gone “viral” with views on YouTube and Facebook well over 120 Million.

He served as an Adjunct Lecturer for Indiana University from 2010 – 2015 and recently presented his unique work at the ECTA conference in Germany.

Currently, Dustin is a second year Master of Entertainment Technology candidate at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center.  He enjoys developing interactive storytelling experiences across all mediums. He is looking for opportunities to share his love of show mixed with technological innovation.


Spring 2018 Team

Former team members include;

Raisa Chowdhury

Experience Designer / Fabricator

Raisa graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and minors in Media Design and Psychology. She is currently at the Entertainment Technology Center to pursue her interests in location-based design. She is interested in finding a role in themed/location-based entertainment and hopes to combine her skills in engineering, psychology, and art to create beautiful, immersive spaces for the benefit of others. She is particularly excited for the GKTW project, as it provides her an opportunity to work on an interactive experience for a large audience and hopes that she can use her skills to provide the best show possible.


Alexandra Gobeler

Experience Designer / Engineer

Alexandra has a background in mechanical engineering and came to the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) to be in an artistic environment. She is excited to be on this project with Give Kids the World and hopes to bring her engineering knowledge to the design and development of the animatronic figure.  She is ultimately seeking a creative role in engineering at a themed entertainment company, looking to use her technical skills in an imaginative way.



Atul Goel


Atul is passionate about two things – video games and helping children. He came to ETC to explore how he could combine both of them together. He has a background in programming and wants to pursue a career in Game Design. He has previously worked on various AR/VR technologies and worked with autistic children. He is excited to be on the Give Kids the World project as it allows him to utilize his skills to help children for years to come.