Week 3 News Letter

During this week, we got the devices and tools we need and start testing them. We’ve found something went wrong when using wireless HDMI with DK2. But we will keep working on them to make sure that everything works.

In the meantime, we start to implement our first prototype, the maze. We’ve sketched the concept art and rather than just trying functionality, we’ve implemented functions that are going to be used in the game. The maze is going to be a mixture of puzzle and gravity changes, with 9 blocks on the ground as the player’s input to solve the puzzle. By entering the corresponding key sequence showing on the wall, player will be able to change gravity and walk along vertical paths. If everything goes right, we are going to finish our first prototype soon.

Also, we’ve made our shopping list for room decoration! And also our team photo!! Now we are all set to concentrate in our works.