Week 4 News Letter

During this week, we merge up the code from Fan, Michael, Joseph and Kanglei to become one whole experience. On Thursday, the game successfully run under wired Oculus DK 1 (with USB connected to computer, portable power layout, wired DK1 manager) and Motion capture system run under 60 fps. Except for the feedback for player to understand which buttons has been triggered is not obvious enough, the biggest problem we faced is the 1~2 second latency between player’s action and our program. We haven’t be able to find out the reason yet, but we suggest 2 possible situations that may cause this: the computer is too old to run this (display card is about 5 years old),  or either the power supply for Oculus Rift is not enough.

On Tuesday, our team have a 30 minutes talking to Jesse, and told him about our project and our goal. And we received some precious feedback, including what’s separate Motion Capture from others, and what are some successful projects in Motion Capture did. The idea of “using body as an input” became the concentration we have afterwards. So we did some modifications on our semester plan, and also a brainstorm meeting on Friday to figure out what are the cool stuffs we can try in this prerequisite.

Our team also had a short talk about what we are going to present on Quarters walkaround. With advices from Salvador and John, currently we are looking for a document, a video that will be shared or cited by other people as our goal. But, details and the real final delivery still hasn’t be decided yet. We will talk about this and make sure everything before next Monday, and finished our quarter presentation before next Tuesday. We are also thinking of making a short frap video about MoCap, and also what we’ve done in our maze prototype.

This week, we have a lot of progress, and we will start research on Sansung VR Gear as another solution for the laggy problem as well. In short, our first prototype is about to be done and ready for presentation. After quarters, we are going to step into next prototype, which is about body as an input.