Week 5 News Letter

This week, we prepared for the ¼ walkaround before Wednesday. Although the speed we set up the presentation is a little bit too slow, we still gathered a lot of information from our advisors, Salvador and John. And also, we received a lot of valuable feedback from the faculties.

On Thursday, our team talked about the plan between quarters and halves. Because of GDC and Spring Break, our team will have a 2 weeks window which might be lacking people to work. Therefore, we set up our deadline for Halves presentation on March 2nd, which will be 2 weeks later. For saving more time, our team also decided to divide into 3 parallel working prototypes for these 2 weeks. 3 prototypes will be done by the end of February. And we scheduled weekly meeting hours with Steve, and also complete playtest on Friday weekly. Sprints will be defined by weeks, and our current goal is to make runnable prototypes by next Friday and ready to be tested.

On Friday, our team decided that Joseph, Fan and K will working on one prototype each, and Michael will focus on body visualization. Jiaqi will be doing artworks for 3 prototypes, and Maria is going to help her out. Our goal for next Friday will be 3 runnable games, now it’s time to start working!