Week 5

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THIS WEEK (2/11/13 – 2/15/13)

Quarters Presentation

to the faculty. We expounded on our concept of having the guest to our website act as an investigative journalist who is delving into the subject of economic inequality in America. We also showed examples of what kinds of transmedia we have seen that has given us ideas for our project, as well as an interactive infographic that shows how we want to disseminate our data to the user.

We received mostly positive feedback, with one faculty member exclaiming that the aspect of investigative journalist role allows the player to be fully immersed in the experience of discovering the causes and effects of the current level of inequality. There were questions of how we would get the information across to the guest. If we had the actual experts explain the problems themselves in the form of a video, it could get quite dry and tiresome. Having an actor to bring a little panache to discussion would help tremendously. Another piece of advice we received was to incorporate as many simply designed graphs to get our information out to the public. These graphs and charts would make our data easy to understand and would convey everything we want to tell our audience quickly.

Story Outline

Now that we have settled on a concept to pursue, we have gone ahead and started to work on the writing for the project. We are incorporating various infographics into the story, so the journalist will be interacting with them to do his or her research for the piece they will make at the end of the experience.

Client Meeting

On Thursday, we met with our client to hear their ideas on what should be worked on in the experience. Progress updates were exchanged during the meeting.

NEXT WEEK (2/18/13 – 2/22/13)

We are going to finalize the script and then begin shooting. Our mock-up of the website will continue to be constructed so that we will be able to playtest in the near-future. We will also find footage to make an intro video to the project that will address the issues at play in our experience.

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