Week 4

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THIS WEEK (2/4/13 – 2/8/13)

Zeroing In On Concept

After meeting with the Philosophy class two times this week, we have been able to agree on a final idea for the project: The Post-Economic Crisis scenario. In this particular conceptualization, the user will take on the role of an investigative journalist who is trying to understand the causes of the financial meltdown. What will separate this experience from others that have been tried is that we will introduce the fictional element of having the Occupy Movement and the hacking group Anonymous work together to further the turmoil by attacking the major banks both by physical and electronic means. In this hypothetical scenario, our guest will have an unique opportunity to learn about the issue of economic inequality while simultaneously being engrossed by the narrative.

Room Theming

We have also begun to locate posters, props, and other things to emphasize the theme of economic inequality in America. One of the posters that we have already put on the wall is a treasure trove of statistical information and graphs that clearly show the effects of this difference in wealth has wrought.


NEXT WEEK (1/28/13 – 2/1/13)

We will meet our client twice this week in order to share each other’s findings. On Tuesday, we will give a presentation on what kind of technology can be utilized in the making of the piece, as well as the three ideas we have brainstormed. On Thursday, the philosophy class will give us some central points for our team to explore and use, as well as delivering several useful infographics for both reference and implementation  We will then prototype several of these concepts and plan out what will be needed for filming purposes. We will also continue to theme the office and meet for any additional ideas.

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