Week 01 Newsletter – 1/12-1/16 – Project Kickoff!


Hi there! We are 3D Crumbs! Welcome to our project website. We are a group of graduate students at the Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University who are going to create really exciting things in this spring. We are a five man team made up of two programmers, an artist, a designer and a producer. Throughout this semester, we are going to explore the potential of Google Project Tango tablet using its new features and functionalities. Our goal is aiming to achieve an interactive, innovative, and interesting product that is made specifically for the Tango platform in 16 weeks.

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What we did:

The first week was a real blast for everyone of 3D Crumbs! We spent the first couple days for setting up our computers, getting used to the new working space and introducing ourselves to each other. We had our first informal meeting to understand each others’ personalities, skillsets, and expectations of the project. We met with our advisors to scope out some milestones, discuss some logistics and also plan out weekly meeting schedules. The next day, we unboxed all of our tablets and then jumped right into setting up, researching and playing around with the devices. We also had a unboxing meeting with Mark and Jason, two ETC alumni and received lots of helpful information and advice. On Friday, we spent a few hours to listed out possible mechanics that we can do with the device. We then mixed and matched them to create a list which the team will use to brainstorm individually and come back to discuss again. We also took our team photos and started creating our project branding materials!


The challenges we encountered:

Since Project Tango tablet is still in its early development stage, there are not many previous projects/demos/applications about it out there for us to study. Although the tablet is more powerful than the phone, it’s still pretty fragile and has lots of restrictions. We feel fortunate that we are able to have meetings with Mark and Jason to help us make something really awesome on the platform!


Plans for next week:

We will meet our advisors on Tuesday to share the ideas we came up with and get feedback from them. The team will also finish setting up the development environment and start to prototype some toys, demos or tools which we believe will inspire us with more potential ideas. We will also meet with Mark and Jason to get feedback from them and maybe they can help us foresee some pitfalls so that we can adjust our ideas and move on from there. Along the way, we will finish our first draft of our branding materials by the end of week two.