Week 06 Newsletter – 2/16-2/20 – Core Game Features Implementation

What we did:

This week we spent all of our time putting in game features. Monday we ended our first sprint achieving the goal of implementing the MVP features. It was tested that people had fun walking around and knocking down the world strategically to get the highest scores. We then moved on to our second sprint with the goal of completing the rest core features. The primary tasks were adding the power up systems. Haiyin created five different types of power-ups models and each of them has a special and interesting looking that indicates its power! She also spent a lot of time discussing the game system design with John. Emily and Ojas both worked on programming the gameplay system.  Except doing the producer tasks, Janet also worked on finding BGM and sound effects. John and Haiyin paper playtested how the UI should work with some of our ETC peers, the results helped Haiyin know how the UI wireframe should be set up.

This Friday, we took a day off because of the ETC SV field trip! We went to Safari West and had a great time with the nature and many animals!


The challenges we encountered:

The design challenge we faced this week was our game physics system. The way it is now acts differently than the normal physics, we will need to playtest whether people think this bothers them from having fun with the game. If it does, we will have to figure out a solution to change it. On the other side, we also want to see whether people are able to naturally learn the way it acts and build their skills after playing the game.


Plans for next week:

Next week we will focus on making our current build smooth and stable. Our goal is to provide a fun, short but complete game experience to naive guests at the Game Developer Conference in week 8. We will add more polished user interface and game feedback as well.



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