Week 09 Newsletter – 3/16-3/20 – Halves Presentation

What we did:

This week we spent most of our time putting together our half presentation slides and doing rehearsals. Emily was out of town for the SXSW conference. After our presentation, we showcased our game to some guests and got a lot of valuable feedback.

After the presentation, we spent the rest of the week discussing potential solutions for building the creation feature that can enable players to transform their space into the game world.

Check out our presentation here.


The challenges we encountered:

We mentioned that there are two main methods we were considering for building the creation feature. Scan-to-transform or place-to-create, the first one is really risky for us to build within the time we have left. However, we think showing the connection between the real space and virtual space is really powerful to the player to learn what the Tango tablet can do. Then we soon found out, the time and efforts we need to spend for the first method won’t allow us to have enough time to polish the whole experience. We think it’s more important to create a fun and stable experience than to push the limitation of the technology that might lead to an unenjoyable experience. We will talk to our instructors next week and make our final decision.


Plans for next week:

Make sure we get our instructors on board of our current progress and settle down on the final direction of how are we going to build the “create” feature and move on from there.



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