Week 03 Newsletter – 1/26-1/30 – Explore & Prototype

What we did:

We spent this week discovering and exploring all interesting interactions that we thought would be fun to be achieved with the Tango device. We created 8 small interaction prototypes and 2 controller schemes. By actually playing around the demos, we observed some unexpected reactions while playing around them, which further inspire us more different game ideas. We also anticipated some limitations throughout the process of prototyping. All these factors will help the team make better decisions afterward to create a better experience. Haiyin completed all of our branding materials, including team poster, half sheet, and logo.


The challenges we encountered:

We were a little bit hesitated at the beginning of this week about whether should we spend a week in exploring the potential instead of jumping right into developing the game idea we had last week. However, after meeting with our instructors, we agreed that we should try out more things and fully investigated the possibilities of the device. Although creating all these small prototypes took away one week of our development time, judging from the results, we think it was worthwhile doing.


Plans for next week:

Next week, we will settle down our game idea and complete general design documents for art direction, tech direction, and game design. We will spend two days attending Project Google Tango Game Developer Event to learn more about the device. We are all very excited about the chance and look forward to meeting the Project Tango team and other game developers. We will also have a team sprint planning meeting to scope out our game features, sprint goals, and milestones.

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