Crunch Time!

Crunch time summons up this week for team Aristeia with a good list of projects on the to-do list.

Our designers and artists have been working on content creation (Card Guidelines, prompts, self-assessment surveys, and survey questions) for our card deck and the rest of the deliverables for our workshop. We have changed the names of our archetypes and settled on a “bean” character (early iterations of our bean and the Principles of Practice card illustrations can be seen below) to reflect a more gender-neutral mindset. Reactions to the cards this week by the Teaching Artists and our clients were favorable. They gave some suggestions on content and pointed out which Archetype names didn’t quite match the characters they were portraying. We are excited to incorporate these suggestions in our next card iteration.


With the name changes and a deeper understanding of the archetype, thanks to the stat analysis we performed, the team has been editing the cube model we made earlier this semester with the new details. This new cube model better reflects the archetypes, cards, and MAKESHOP mindset.s

Lastly, organization of our workshop is well underway. By the end of next week we are aiming to have a draft of a complete workshop outline that includes the topics to be discussed, facilitation strategies and activities to demonstrate the cards. We will be utilizing the help of the ETC faculty for various parts from being the workshop’s “play-testers” to advice on how to properly and effectively teach information within a 45 min period in a hands-on space.

Deliverable production aside, we have also started production on two sets of videos. One will focus on promoting and summarizing our project. The other will serve as a demonstration of how our deck of cards could possibly be used (this is mainly to serve the ETC faculty as most of them won’t be attending the workshop at the end of the semester).  This is going to be an exciting next couple of weeks, the team is anxious to see all the pieces finally start coming together.

Video Work