Week 3 (9/11 to 9/17)

Week 3 kicked off with a faculty meeting on Monday morning followed by our second skype call with the museum representatives. We discussed the details of our first sprint goal which include:

  • A 3D mockup of our design ideas for the space
  • A miniature scale model of the space to display our design for guest flow
  • Basic concepts for the interactive exhibits that we are pitching
  • Concepts for interactive lighting and soundscape ideas

We had a short conversation with Olinka, one of the founders of the museum, who was not available for the Skype call last week. In the following call, Drazen expressed his support for our interactive ideas and we agreed on a system of pitching new ideas to them in the following meetings. We also clarified the details of the core list of items from the Zagreb collection.

We completed drafts of our branding material on Tuesday and received John and Shirley’s feedback on the same. We finished the final drafts by the end of the week for the Branding Critique session on the coming Tuesday.






We also started to theme the project room, something we felt very strongly about:




Early in the week, we acquired a pair of DMX lights and a speaker system to get familiar with before we start working on our interactive concepts. We also started working on the physical model by mapping out the floor plan on a foam sheet.




We also began to map out the position of the pedestals in the space in 3D to figure out guest flow. This also helped us begin to estimate a rough budget for the museum based on the number of pedestals we would need to accommodate all the items but not make the space very crowded.





We had several brainstorming sessions where we threw around ideas for the themeing of the space, our interactive installations and the interactive confession experience in the museum.








We narrowed these down to three ideas in each category which we will be pitching to the Museum Reps in our following Skype call. We are following these up with accompanying visuals and a short write-up of the idea along with a description of the technology required for the same so we can offer a well rounded pitch in the coming week.