Week 8 (10/15 to 10/21)

This was the week before Halves and we started preparing for our presentation on Monday. We laid out our next sprint goals, scheduled our future playtests and planned on how to iterate on the current interactives.

On Wednesday, Jane and her class joined us on a visit to the mine factory where we ran a few tests. We tested different speaker set ups in the space and thought figured out their placement. Once set up, we tested our current soundscape through a pair of large GX stereo speakers as well as small speakers with a sub-woofer. As a result of the very reflective walls, the sound traveled very well and filled the room easily in both cases, however, the smaller speakers needed to be turned up to maximum levels to do the same.


Photo by Jessica Tsai

We also tested our projector in the spot as planned out in our design layout. We found that the projector throw was sufficient and gave a pretty clear image on the wall. although we still need to figure out how we are going to mount it in position.


Photo by Jessica Tsai

Later in the week we received all the remaining iPads for the misty window prototype and also the Ikea shelves we ordered. We will begin fabricating our pedestals and props next week. Additionally, we also confirmed and catalogued all the Pittsburgh donations. The last part of the week went into preparing for the halves presentation.