Week 6 (Sept. 29th – Oct. 3 )

This week we made a lot of progress! Awesome job Star Stone! Cewon has finished modeling and texture all of the remaining characters, she will be jumping into animations after.



From the left, Rogue, Priest and Fighter

On Tuesday our Poster and Halfsheet were printed and now hangs proudly in our project room and the hallway of the building.
On Wednesday we had Don Rawitsch, one of the developers of Oregon Trail visit our project room. We shared our goals and challenges of our project, and he was interested to know more about how we
were going to tackle the educating new players and how successful we might be.

Not only was our Art side cranking out amazing things, our tech and design team created a first pass on the pages.

Here is a screenshot of what it currently looks like:

Screenshot_2014-10-04-12-36-09 Screenshot_2014-10-05-12-53-59

Starting Next week:

We hope to have our interactive prototype up and running. Throughout the week we also look forward to testing it out during our own games and hopefully with some outside sources.