Newsletter 9 – Halves Presentation

Week 9 (Oct. 20th - Oct. 24th) Halves Presentation!! This week started off with a big challenge of Halves Presentation. Because most of us were absent the week before for the company visits in Seattle, our team struggled to get back together on the weekends to prepare the slides and our presentation for Monday. Thanks to Anthony and Vivek for holding the fort, and the rest of the team getting back on the ground quick we were able to give a strong presentation.   Cewon has finished a mock up UI of the Act I Main…continue reading →

Newsletter 8 – Seattle Trip + Act II Skins

Week 8 (Oct. 13th - Oct. 17th) This week, because some of us were in Seattle for company visits, we were not able to make the usual progression. On top of that we had to prepare for the Halves Presentation which was going to happen on the returning Monday. Regardless of the challenge, our were able to accomplish their tasks. Here are the weapon icons that will be used during the combat phase, starting from *Left to Right:  Warhammer, Scimitar, Longbow, Shortbow, Sling, Light Crossbow, Dagger, Blinding Ray, Hand of Apprentice, Force Missiles, Long…continue reading →

Newsletter 7 – Meeting Paul Barnett

Week 7 (Oct. 6th - Oct. 10th) This week we are slowly incorporating the works done by our Artist (Cewon) and Sound Designer (Tim) alongside the designs (Anthony) into our platforms. This week Cewon modeled, and textured the props which includes, weapons, and effects that the characters will be holding. Also, she went through a first pass in the visual development of the UI On Wednesday we had a guest from Disney, Dave Bossert. we shared with him our goals, and progress that we have made. After we received his feedback, we hope…continue reading →

Newsletter 6 – Character Models and Act I, 1st Pass

Week 6 (Sept. 29th - Oct. 3 ) This week we made a lot of progress! Awesome job Star Stone! Cewon has finished modeling and texture all of the remaining characters, she will be jumping into animations after.   From the left, Rogue, Priest and Fighter On Tuesday our Poster and Halfsheet were printed and now hangs proudly in our project room and the hallway of the building. On Wednesday we had Don Rawitsch, one of the developers of Oregon Trail visit our project room. We shared our goals and challenges of our project,…continue reading →